OilPal Takes Heating Oil Monitoring To The Next Level


Heating oil users across Northern Ireland are set to benefit from revolutionary, new, technology which now allows them to monitor, manage and control their heating oil usage from almost any internet enabled device.

The groundbreaking technology has been developed by pioneering storage tank monitoring specialist, Dunraven Systems Limited – a business with over 10 year’s experience in the design, development and supply of storage tank monitoring technologies. OilPal combines Dunraven’s unrivalled experience with the latest web communication technologies, creating a truly exceptional product, which takes heating oil monitoring to the next level.

Dunraven’s Michael McCaughley oversaw OilPal’s development and says, “With OilPal, we’ve created a system which utilises next generation tank monitoring technology. It allows today’s busy consumers to manage their heating on the move. The system comprises a tanktop sensor which can be quickly and easy fitted in minutes, together with a modem unit which simply plugs into almost any consumer broadband hub. The sensor monitors what’s going on inside the tank and transmits this information wirelessly to the modem unit, which sends it onwards to OilPal’s secure server.

“By logging into their OilPal account, heating oil users can view the volume of fuel remaining inside their tank, track how many days supply remains and even request a quote to refill their tank from a local fuel distributor. Recognising of course that there’s nothing worse than an empty tank, heating oil users can also sign up for low level alerts to minimise further the risk of running out of fuel. And at a time when heating oil thefts remain at historically high levels, it’s reassuring to know that the tank’s alarm function not only registers fill events, but sudden drops in level too.

“OilPal can also be used to monitor more than one tank at a time, with each user account being able to manage up to 4 tanks simultaneously. So for instance, a single user can monitor their own domestic heating oil tank, a tank at their holiday home in Spain, an elderly relative’s tank, together with a heating oil tank at their workplace – all from a single smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.”

Now available in Northern Ireland at the special introductory price of £99.48 including VAT and shipping, OilPal will shortly be available for order in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain too. To buy online or to find out more, visit http://www.oilpal.com


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